Petit fracas de robert piguet

Petit fracas de robert piguet

Robert Piguet Bois Bleu ml edp. Robert Piguet Futur w ml edp. Petit Fracas de Robert Piguet is like an infusion of whimsy and playfulness. Elegant but not too serious, Petit Fracas is a chic floral bouquet — perfect for the young and stylish, or the young at heart.

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Robert Piguet Petit Fracas ~ fragrance review

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petit fracas de robert piguet

Montale Pretty Fruity ml edp. Montale Velvet Fantasy ml edp. About Robert Piguet:. Robert Piguet founded his haute couture house in It soon became famous for elegant and compelling creations, thanks in part to the talented designers whom Piguet employed and mentored the list includes Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain, and Hubert de Givenchy.

InPiguet introduced a perfume collection that continues to this day to capture the essence of luxurious Parisian style. The seductive, timeless scents of Robert Piguet endure trends, yet captivate the imagination of each new generation. Product Identifiers. Product Key Features. Additional Product Features. About Robert Piguet: Robert Piguet founded his haute couture house in I cannot get her to like Fracas.

I have to make something for my daughter. He notes that his daughter is 30 years old. For dessert. Petit Fracas has notes of fresh citrus, bergamot, mandarin, pear, tuberose, gardenia, jasmine, musk, sandalwood, and chocolate.

How sweet? Wearing Petit Fracas is like eating a pound-sized Whitman Sampler while watching Beaches and drinking boxed pink zinfandel.

Despite its intensity, Petit Fracas quiets in a few minutes to a sweet-nutty-fruity buzz. The fragrance is fairly linear from there and fades to a vanillic whisper in six hours or so on my skin. I agree. While Fracas is an overdose of tuberose, Petit Fracas is an overdose of bon bons.

But you might choose Petit Fracas instead. What perfume do you reach for when you feel like smelling over-the-top sweet? Or do you ever feel that way? For information on where to buy it, see Robert Piguet under Perfume Houses. Leave a commentor read more about commenting at Now Smell This. Here's our privacy policyand a handy emoticon chart.

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Petit Fracas! RB Baghari was my first niche purchase and then Futur. I was always so impressed with their line and respected them so much for releasing sophisticated adult fragrances. I completely understand their reasoning for releasing this, but I would have a loved another serious adult perfume from this line.

A perfume should never apologize and be too subtle in my opinion. It has a sweetness that I find to be palatable. Fracas is irreplaceable, in my opinion, if you love tuberose and making a splash! For sweet I have quite a few options. Which in a way might be a younger version of Fracas, and a gorgeous one at that.

Petit Fracas Eau de Parfum

I will have to look up the foodie references in your review but I think I got the gist! She makes them interesting and wonderful. Must be her Guerlain heritage.

I looked up that box of sweets, it looked awful! This review just confirm my impression that they are diluting Robert Piguet Heritage on every new fragrance launched….

petit fracas de robert piguet

Angela, i was mentioning an specific fragrance, i meant that they are weakening Robert Piguet Image with those weak and pointless fragrances that they started to launch.

I honestly like sweet and have quite a few favorite sweet perfumes… hard to choose just one. Angela, would you say that the ingredients for Petit Fracas at least smell quality?The perfume that has become known over the decades as the reference fragrance for tuberose, Robert Piguet Fracas, is turning 65 this year.

Miraculously, in this age of gutting classics, it is much as it was when it was introduced. I have tried to appreciate this gigantic tuberose for at least 30 years, to no avail.

How could I not be a devoted fan of Fracas? I have no problem wafting copious amounts of huge tuberose perfumes. My failure to appreciate Fracas has been a source of mild frustration for years. I want to like it. It seems like it would be perfect for me. A while ago, my interest was piqued by a newcomer to the Piguet fold, Petit Fracascreated by talented perfumer Aurelien Guichard. Although not intended as a flanker, it was billed as a perfume to attract a younger generation that might prefer a lighter, fresher version of Fracas.

Die-hard Fracas fans in the perfume community were skeptical. For someone like me, it sounded like a good stepping stone to start me on my Fracas-appreciation path.

Fortunately, it has become available in the US, and a sample serendipitously found its way to me. Tuberose still plays a major part in Petit Fracas, make no mistake. It is, however, gently veiled with a juicy pear that makes its appearance after a brief tang of citrus.

petit fracas de robert piguet

Pear, when utilized properly, can be a revelatory olfactory experience, and it is used expertly here to soften, sweeten, and temper the floral notes. The tuberose is creamy and lush, and the experience of wearing this perfume is one that implies an understated, yet tropical elegance; the flowing silk caftan worn while lounging in the white sands and blue seas world of the Seychelles. The drydown is gentle and softly musky, with depth added by the smidge of cocoa.

I can see that Piguet aimed this scent at a market that is youthful but refined; the luxury here is relaxed without being staid or too minimalistic. As much as I enjoyed my sampling of Petit Fracas, I had to try Fracas again to see if my nose has grown. This time, I appreciated a bold, spicy aspect that I have never smelled before. Did I instantly fall in love with Fracas, clutching it to me like a long-lost paramour?

Not quite, but I will wear it on occasion. When I want to feel elegantly tropical, I am much more likely to have Petit Fracas on hand.Info Reviews 1 Statements 1 Photos 1 Chart.

Where to buy. Search on. Petit Fracas is a perfume by Robert Piguet for women and was released in The scent is sweet-fruity. The longevity is above-average.

It is still in production. Scent 6. Longevity 8. Sillage 7. Bottle 7.

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So, who better to design the flanker to the original than the man who keeps Fracas in its current shape? In the mid s, Guichard reformulated and relaunched the icons of the Piguet line: Visa, Baghari, Futur and Calypso. Fracas and Bandit had been reformulated in or so and already defined the Piguet line. After his initial work at Piguet, in the period from he added 15 new perfumes to the brand. Exceedingly prolific, especially when you consider that in that same period he produced 26 additional perfumes for other brands.

Of these perfumes he made for Piguet only one is a flanker: Petit Fracas. The others are all-new perfumes. Guichard kept the theatrical uber-femme spirit of the original but sets it in a more contemporary vernacular.

It keeps the hyper-femininity of Fracas but makes a baby-doll version of it. From the sweet slap of the topnotes through the cocoa dusted drydown, there is always a recognizeable shape of Fracas. The buttery tuberose, the doughy iris, the grape-like orange blossom still form the center of the perfume, but Petit Fracas substitutes the faint peach of the original for a potent pear note and an almost plastic musk.

Pear and cocoa? Rather than simply updating Fracas with newer materials and accords, Guichard fits the odd assembly of pieces together into something novel. Guichard smartly avoids simply plucking a perfume out of its era and modernizing it.Below are a set of new UI Element-specific scopes to go alongside Token Exchange.

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